Korea, Day Two

We hit the ground running after a few hours of rest following our long trip from Nashville to Korea. The morning of Day Two, the house was bustling with all the kids there. Younger brother 현배 Hyun-bae had taken one week of leave off his military duty in the Southern part of Korea. So we were in his/Whitney’s room, he was on the floor in the living room, and older brother 성배 Seong-bae was in his own room. This night turned out to be unusual because after night one, 엄마 Omma was always at work overnight, 현배 Hyun-bae stayed at a friend’s, and 성배 Seong-bae was at his new house with his new wife.

After a homemade 김치/불고기/잡채 kimchi/bulgogi/japchae breakfast, we took off with 현배 Hyun-bae to visit 할머니 halmoni at her new house. She had moved since we last visited. (Sadly, the home she lived in is no longer in our family. See post Becoming Granddaughter for more on that.) She was no longer able to take care of the cleaning and all so she had to move into a much smaller place (still within walking distance). She opened the door to her new home yelling our names and repeating, “아이구 아이구 사랑해, Aigoo, aigoo, saranghae, saranghae,” the entire time, “Oh goodness, I love you!” She wanted to hear all the updates about our lives and our families back home in the States. IMG_7279

And she tried her first ever Reese’s and loved it!


Whitney always loves to see pictures of her late Grandpa (who had passed before their family reunion) and 할머니 halmoni had lots of pictures of him out in the new house.


It is always so crazy to see how much 아빠 appa looks like him, and how Whitney looks like 아빠 appa!

After we visited for awhile, 할머니 halmoni’s friends all started arriving for lunch together (which they apparently do every single day!) so we headed out.

We did some shopping around 명동 Myeong-dong and took in all the Christmas decorations. It was awesome to see because Korea has become a lot more Western within the last few years in terms of Christmas decor. It used to be rare to see lights and decorations but now many places are becoming a lot more festive. And you know how much Lee loves all things Christmas!


We took in a lot more on a subsequent visit to 명동 Myeong-dong, which we will document later.

엄마 Omma had been asking us once an hour when we were going to visit her 노래방 noraebang (singing room) so we decided to go ahead and get that checked off the list so she would stop bugging us about it! It was different than the rooms Whitney was used to visiting – 엄마 omma’s shops are coin-operated and open 24/7. This means that the rooms are significantly smaller and there are no free snacks and also no props or tamborines or other musical instruments. But…still awesome!

Front door to the noraebang
Coin machine. The rooms are about 4 songs for 1,000 won. Pretty cheap!
Dramatic videos for every song
Whitney tried singing some Korean songs
This giant remote control panel operates the whole karaoke machine
And you get scored after every song!

There are a ton of awesome benefits to your 엄마 omma owning the 노래방 noraebang! We got free, unlimited songs, free drinks from the soft drink machine, and (to be discussed in a later post) “part time jobs” counting all the money!

Throughout the day, we took time to stop at almost every street booth to eat, eat, eat! In this single day we devoured…


  • Paris Baguette
  • Banana milk 바나나 맛 우유
  • KFC – Korean Fried Chicken! 🙂
  • (Green tea) Hoddeok 호떡
  • Mandu/soondae/kimbap/ddeokbokki 만두/순대/김밥/떡볶이
  • Egg bread Kyeranbbang 계란빵

Wow. Think we gained about 5 pounds this day alone.

Stay tuned…lots more to recap!

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