Korea, Day Three

Day 3 was very busy for us! Looking back, we’re not sure how we fit so much into one 24 hour period.

We started with an early shabu shabu lunch. Have you ever tried it? It’s so delicious! We went with 현배 Hyun-bae, who wanted to do half/half with Chinese-style shabu shabu, which is very spicy.

Aprons definitely necessary!
So much food!
The half/half broths

The restaurant was near 명동 Myeong-dong so, of course, we had to go shopping after lunch. Whitney took the opportunity to pick up some Korean beauty supplies.


And we got to visit the Line store! If you don’t know, Line is a chat app that is very popular in Korea, particularly because of their fun emojis. They became so popular, they have started selling gear featuring these characters!


Whitney bought this Brown Bear sleeping mask for the flight home. It looked so cute in the store, but so terrifying on her face. (She still wore it!)

Afterwards, we decided to walk over to 인사동 Insadong. Whitney got hungry on the way so she stopped by a 김밥 kimbap to buy a roll. She loves 돈까스 김밥 donkkaseu kimbap, which is not very popular and hard to find at most stores. This shop had it and she was so excited! Nobody else had tried it before, including her Korean brother!


And we also passed a 붕어빵 bungeobbang vendor, so of course, we had to buy some. Lee’s first taste!


We were all running on fumes so before we started 인사동 Insadong shopping, we had to stop by Starbucks to refuel. Did you know 인사동 Insadong has the only Starbucks with the sign written in 한글 Hangul, instead of English?


One souvenir Whitney really wanted was a name stamp. Have you seen them? She couldn’t decide what to get: 위트니 Whitney, 전현아 Jeon Hyun-ah, or something else. She decided on 프리츠 Fritz so we could both use it! You can see it below in the gold on the left and the red on the right. The vendor was great and let us choose our stamp design (the two birds) and added the heart character. He only took about 20 minutes to make it!


While we were waiting for the stamp to be finished, we went and shopped around some more.

Siblings doing some Insadong Christmas shopping!

We found this guy selling 똥빵 ddong bbang poop bread! We didn’t eat any but it is just sweet bread stuffed with red bean filling, like everything else in Korea. But shaped like poo 🙂


Then we ran into this shop with photo booths where you can take pictures in 한복 hanboks! We had to do it.


Then it was…time to eat again! 현배 Hyun-bae and Whitney had their first significant miscommunication at dinner and it was hilarious. While trying to decide what to eat, Whitney said that she loves 닭갈비 dak galbi (spicy chicken stirfry), but her pronounciation was really bad. 현배 Hyun-bae said, “Me too! Let’s go eat it!” At the restaurant, he ordered for us. When the food came out, it was this.


Whitney said, “This isn’t chicken…” and 현배 Hyun-bae said, “No, it’s 떡갈비 tteok galbi!” Which is only one letter different in 한글 Hangul from 닭갈비 dak galbi . So instead of chicken, we had this giant slab of hamburger! hahaha Apparently, it is a traditional Korean meal? It ended up being a good experience because the food was delicious and we had never tried it before.  🙂

And for dessert, we had to get Lee’s favorite: street waffle! This vendor in 인사동 Insadong was awesome and lets you pick your flavor of cream filling and ice cream! We got vanilla ice cream with strawberry cream.


Long story short, we gained another five pounds today.

Stay tuned…11 more days to go!

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