Korea, Days Four & Five

Day Four

Somewhere along the way, we broke our cardinal Korea rule: “Never say you like something because it will instantly become yours in great measure.” Thus, day four began early with 아빠 appa yelling for us to wake up and come out into the kitchen to eat fruit. Yes, we accidentally mentioned how much better/fresher/tastier/juicier Korean fruit is than our fruit Stateside. Within hours, we had at least 10 pounds of fresh fruit.

귤 tangerines, 사과 apples, 배 pears
Korean pears. OMG! Delicious and enormous.
Lee’s Korean breakfast.

After breakfast, we realized all of our outdoor plans were ill-fated because it was pouring rain. 엄마 Omma suggested we shadow her for the day at 노래방 noraebang. We decided that’d be better than hanging around the house and we would get the chance to visit with our other grandmother, who works as an employee at the second 노래방 noraebang! We went along for the ride and realized halfway there that 엄마 omma had tricked us by leaving out the fact that it would be an hour bus ride. How rude! We all napped on the way and arrived ready to get our karaoke on.

Trippy noraebang hallway
Free drinks from the vending machine! Thanks omma!
Omma kept delivering food for us, as if we hadn’t eaten enough already
Classic noraebang: Lady Gaga

We mentioned that we took on part-time jobs by way of 노래방 noraebang. As a coin-operated business, each of 엄마 omma’s two 노래방 noraebangs handles a large amount of cash flow daily. Like a lot – much more than you’d guess. Our job began as money shuttlers, then expanded to money sorters (ironing out wrinkles and bent corners, removing torn bills), then counters! Each day 엄마 omma would bring a bag of money home and dump it on the floor and our job would begin. We began joking that a lot more than karaoke had to be happening and that 엄마 omma was probably a mob boss. Hahaha!

That night, we finally got to meet our new sister-in-law (to-be) and visit 성배 Seong-bae’s new home. We ordered in Pizza Hut (so expensive in Korea!) and shared the first family meal in the new house.

Family portrait
Does this look like $50 dollars worth of Pizza Hut?
Lee’s first jokbal!

Of course, what is any celebratory Korean family meal without 족발 jokbal? It was the next course after the pizza because 아빠 appa just loves the stuff. We let Lee try his first one before we told him it was pig’s feet!

Day Five

Thanks to 현배 Hyun-bae and his friend and their current service in the Korean military, we got into Lotte World for practically nothing! Yay!


Field trip! Too cute!
Santa is Korean!
“Hot air balloon” ride


The knock-off castle


Sticker pictures or it didn’t happen!

Overall, Lotte World was a fun experience, but quite the Disney knock-off. (Further exaggerated by our visit to Disney World just one month prior to this Korea trip.) We don’t have pictures, but our favorite part was the haunted house that we went through at Lotte World. We paid a little extra for it, but it was well worth it because of how hilarious our tortured screams were!

On the way home, we pit-stopped at 용산 Yongsan Station, which is connected to I-Park Mall. It is probably one of the bigger subway stations in 서울 Seoul, behind, of course, 서울 Seoul Station.

We accidentally ordered way too much food for just two of us!

Have you seen a movie in the theater in Korea? Several of the big stations like 용산 Yongsan offer premium movie theater options, like 4D, Gold Class, and others. We didn’t end up seeing one because the movie options weren’t that great, but we considered just going to a bad movie to sit in the sweet seats!

Star Wars Promo
Caramel Popcorn

Not seeing a movie didn’t stop us from the real treat — caramel popcorn! OMG it is the best part of a Korean movie theater!

Stay tuned…lots more to recap!

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