My Moms Meet

This is Part Three of a series on our 2017 birth family visit. Click to read Parts One and Two. One of the highlights of my birth family visit was Omma meeting my parents for the first time. They live in Columbus, OH and everything was a time crunch, so we met in the middle… Read More My Moms Meet



This is Part Two of a series on our 2017 birth family visit. Read Part One here. Everyone is/was so excited about our birth family visit, except for us. In a way, I wonder if the whole trip was a self-fulfilling prophecy because every fear and dread we had leading up to the visit came… Read More Stress

The Truest Form

I recently discovered this piece that I wrote but never published last year. It seems to go hand-in-hand with our last post on Community, so this feels like the right time to release it into the world.  — w There are many versions of Whitney. There’s the introvert, who can easily go days on end… Read More The Truest Form