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Whitney and Lee came to Kamp Kimchee during the summer of 2017. Their presentations were direct, personal, to the point, full of emotion and engaging. They did an amazing job in presenting “hard to talk about” topics. They did not let these difficult things get in the way of their message to families. The message was “the kids come first.” I really appreciated their authenticity in their presentations. Whitney and Lee were also very adaptable and willing to accept new challenges while at camp. We appreciated their laid back attitude and willingness to accept things as they came up. Thank you Whitney and Lee for your amazing involvement in Kamp Kimchee!  –– MH, Program Coordinator

We were honored to have Whitney come and speak to our international prospective adoptive parents training class about her transracial adoptee experience.  She had a wonderful way of blending her heartfelt life experiences with perspective, grace and humor in such a way that connected with each of us in her presence.  We can not wait until she comes to share again! –– Miriam’s Promise

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