“우와,” my Appa gawked with seemingly every other Korean in the country. He watched me with a careful eye, wondering if I was enjoying the fireworks as much as he wanted me to. I grinned big at him and gave a hearty “우와” for his benefit, then turned away and quickly wiped the tear escaping down… Read More Fireworks


Side by Side

If you haven’t yet seen it going around social media, a new project recently launched, called Side by Side: Out of a South Korean Orphanage and Into the World. Having seen almost every adoptee documentary piece that has come out, we were honestly quite slow to this one, assuming it was like every other we’d seen. Once we started watching, we were blown away. The minimalism brings to the forefront the centerpiece of the film: adoptee stories. And those are more than enough to capture your attention, without fancy filmmaking tricks.… Read More Side by Side


This is Part Five (final) of a series on our 2017 birth family visit. Click to read Parts One, Two, Three, and Four. I hope this is no one’s first visit to our blog, because they would most certainly be scared away by now. We are not negative people by any means, but we also… Read More Funkytown


This is Part Two of a series on our 2017 birth family visit. Read Part One here. Everyone is/was so excited about our birth family visit, except for us. In a way, I wonder if the whole trip was a self-fulfilling prophecy because every fear and dread we had leading up to the visit came… Read More Stress