There’s a band that’s quite popular lately – maybe you’ve heard of them? They go by the name BTS. From SNL to the late show rounds to Billboard Music Awards to Ellen to The Voice (shall I keep going?), they are nearly impossible to ignore. They’re everywhere! Mattel (yes, Barbie Mattel) has recently announced their line… Read More #RepresentationMatters


Side by Side

If you haven’t yet seen it going around social media, a new project recently launched, called Side by Side: Out of a South Korean Orphanage and Into the World. Having seen almost every adoptee documentary piece that has come out, we were honestly quite slow to this one, assuming it was like every other we’d seen. Once we started watching, we were blown away. The minimalism brings to the forefront the centerpiece of the film: adoptee stories. And those are more than enough to capture your attention, without fancy filmmaking tricks.… Read More Side by Side