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1) NBC News, Adoptees’ Search for Self Leads to Love, Marriage, and a Family Reunion, September 2015, for NBC News


2) Kindred Adoption, Where Are You From?, October 2015


3) KAAN, Balancing Families: Birth and Adoptive, June 2016


4) Korean Adoptee Spotlight, Interview #01, July 2016, CLICK HERE for Korean Adoptee Spotlight


5) Asians Doing Everything, July 31, 2016, CLICK HERE for Asians Doing Everything


6) The Rambler Podcast, Episodes 33 & 34, September 2016, CLICK HERE to open The Rambler in iTunes

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7), January 25, 2017, CLICK HERE for


8) Miriam’s Promise, Adoptive Parent Education Class, February 2017

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9) KAAN, Well-Being in Reunion, June 2017

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10) Holt International Children’s Services, A Meeting that Changed My Life, June 2017, CLICK HERE for Holt International


11) Kamp Kimchee, Advice to Adoptive Parents, July 2017

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12) Overcoming Odds, We the Lees, July 2017, CLICK HERE for Overcoming Odds


13) Kamp Kimchee, What to Expect After Your Children Leave Home, July 2018


14) Miriam’s Promise, Adoptive Parent Education Class, October 2018

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15) KAAN, After the Reunion, A Relationship, June 2019

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