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1) NBC News, Adoptees’ Search for Self Leads to Love, Marriage, and a Family Reunion, September 2015, for NBC News


2) Kindred Adoption, Where Are You From?, October 2015, CLICK HERE for Kindred Adoption


3) KAAN, Balancing Families: Birth and Adoptive, June 2016, CLICK HERE for KAAN Program


4) Korean Adoptee Spotlight, Interview #01, July 2016, CLICK HERE for Korean Adoptee Spotlight


5) Asians Doing Everything, July 31, 2016, CLICK HERE for Asians Doing Everything


6) The Rambler Podcast, Episodes 33 & 34, September 2016, CLICK HERE to open The Rambler in iTunes

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7), January 25, 2017, CLICK HERE for

8) Miriam’s Promise, Adoptive Parent Education Class, February 2017

9) KAAN, Well-Being in Reunion, June 2017

10) Kamp Kimchee, July 2017

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