When Time Won’t Stand Still

It’s been just a little over five years since I set foot back in Korea for the first time since being adopted. It still feels like yesterday. For the first time in my life, I completely blended into the crowds, whether it was walking through the mall or riding on the subway. I’m sure the “real” Koreans could… Read More When Time Won’t Stand Still


Life in Korea

I have now had the chance to visit Korea three times since being adopted as a baby. My first trip was as a tourist and I enjoyed getting to experience the tourist-y side of the country. My second trip was a chance to meet Whitney’s family for the first time and also tour parts of Korea that… Read More Life in Korea

Korea, Days Thirteen & Fourteen

Day Thirteen Day 13 was Lee’s last day working his “part-time” job: counting 노래방 noraebang money. Sad! Lee’s Korean is worse than terrible, but he picked up a few phrases while we were there. His favorite: 돈 주세요 don juseyo. “Give me money please.” We are not sure where 엄마 Omma picked up her occasional English phrases, but she had a… Read More Korea, Days Thirteen & Fourteen